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Developer Invite

Project Length: 1-2 MONTH
Compensation: VOLUNTEER

Got some extra creative energy and feel like a meaningful app development project next month?

I have a learning product I created as an educator and sell here

I'm looking for 3 developers to each choose 1 of my 3 learning card games, and create a demo app version.

These will be featured on my back to school kickstarter/sale this August, merging from card based products to app based products, ie. selling the card games and as a bonus incentive including the app for free with the card games, goal delivery May 2021.

Proceeds and customer base from this fall  back to school sale will be used to develop the full versions of these apps over the winter.  Testing in development from Jan to April once a month with this customer base and delivering final full versions in May, which will then be available for purchase for iOS and android.

Regardless of success in the fall, this first step of creating demos this June to July will be a real asset to a Developers' resume.  And if you enjoy working on it there is potential for several future paid projects.


If you are interested in working on this project and can begin within the next 2 to 4 weeks. Please email your resume below.

Goal contribution 100 hrs total in combined coding and communication over 5-8 weeks June & July.

Please include a paragraph on what game you would pick and why your skill set is a good fit, with reference to a past linked project.

Thank you for your interest,

Kevin Munn, SSW
Hungry Minds Founder



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